Flashtool Sony Xperia Tebaru Update

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Just like Samsung, Sony is also a veteran Android player, together with HTC and Motorola, so it doesn't have to be a shame if there are a lot of tools on the Sony Xperia Android smartphone.

Although not a long time ago, still until now Fans of Sony Xperia fixed a lot, we ourselves honestly indeed still become Fans for the lineup of Sony Android smartphones, because we are already familiar with the Android Smartphone from Sony.

Flashtool Sony Xperia Tebaru Update

One of the most interesting of the Sony Xperia Android smartphones is that there are 2 tools for Flashing a Firmware that is Flashtool (Sony Mobile Flasher) and Flashtool (Emma), the second of Flashtool is handled by 2 different parties.

The Sony Mobile Flasher (Flashtool) was made by a 3rd party hand that Androxyde and Flashtool (Emma) were made officially by Sony's own party.

For now we will discuss is the related Flashtool of Androxyde only, because Flashtool (Sony Mobile Flasher) has been there since ancient times, just imagine starting from the era of Sony Ericsson Xperai X10 and X8, Flashtool is already there and still remains exist Until now.
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